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Client Comments

"Candace changed my life. In my work with her, I learned how to address my anxiety by unbraiding my past trauma and verbalizing my fears. Candace is gentle, intuitive, grounded. Her lovely spirit is full of light and warmth which she uses to hold space for you as you dive into your work. I always walked out of my hour with her feeling lighter and more aware of myself. She is truly a gift."

Molly P.

“Candace is the ultimate wellness coach, life-saver and soul-saver, especially if you are an artist. Whether your beliefs are Eastern or Western based, she meets you where you are and is knowledgeable in both. I’ve been Candace’s client for 6 years and she has greatly facilitated my life’s journey and growth like no other. And--her personalized resources never cease to amaze me. If you are an artist stuck in any area of your life, contact Candace NOW!”

A Forever-Grateful Actor

“Candace has helped me navigate some of life's hardest moments. She did so with ease, love, understanding and wisdom. She’s truly remarkable in her depth of knowledge and the skill in which she uses it. I know that my journey without her wouldn’t have put me in the healthy place I am now.”


"Working with Candace has made a huge impact in my life and my artistic ventures. With Candace's guidance, I have learned to nurture intellectual curiosity, reframe troublesome issues into empowering guideposts, and to become creatively enlightened by matters of the heart, mind, and spirit. Above all, her keen insight and signature kindness have been invaluable gifts from which I have garnered strength, self-confidence, and a new appreciation of living. She's simply incredible, y'all!"

Foster J.

“Candace came into my life as I was entering an undeniable time of transition. I am beyond grateful for the support and wisdom she offered throughout it all. Her compassion and humor continues to assure me I am not alone, and her creativity and strength pushes me to fight as hard for myself as she does. A coach, a mentor, a fellow artist, a confidante, a burst of light and inspiration; I can't imagine what this most recent chapter of my life would have been like without her guidance. Transitions can be scary and uncomfortable places to enter, but with Candace holding the door open for you, it all seems that much more possible.”

Candy S.

"I have enjoyed and am deeply grateful for every moment in both classes and in coaching sessions with Candace Barrett Birk. Her brilliant intuitive insights and deep kindness brings to life opportunities for growth. She inspires both ease and energy. Giving with her spirit, she connects with feeling, thinking and doing. She gets me "unstuck" and alive in the moment. And she reminds me to breathe -- and I have learned how wonderful it can be to truly exhale."

Laurie F.

"Candace is a truly wonderful Coach! Her warmth, humor, and presence helped me feel safe while exploring the deeper truths I was searching for during our sessions together. I absolutely love how she incorporates myths, archetypes, and the wisdom of age-old stories to illustrate common patterns with which we all struggle. I left every session renewed, inspired, and open to the joys of life! I can't recommend her enough!"


"Candace is infectiously ebullient, and is a master at getting to the heart of the matter in her coaching. To work with Candace is a true gift, and I cannot recommend her work highly enough!"

Erin O.

“Candace’s many gifts have been honed from years of work experience in theater as a professional actress, director and teacher. Her work as a founder of “Mythica”, and the art and stories that were assembled from many cultures within it, enables her to see and hold the beauty and pain of life’s journey for people from many cultures around the world, not just those of Western European heritage. This, plus her personal interest in healing and her recent accreditation as a Health Coach, makes her a suburb guide for anyone searching for new ways to experience life after a health crisis or to help someone who needs guidance for passing through the ultimate transition. She is an executor of the heart.”

Colleen B.

"As someone who was new to the concept of wellness coaching, I really appreciated Candace's warm and confident guidance. She helped me explore challenging personal relationships and the quality of my self-awareness in ways that were accessible and positive."


“What I most appreciated about Candace was her complete focus on my concerns. She genuinely listened without preconceived notions of where I was going and thus was able to respond with suggestions unique to my situation.”

Peg R.

“Candace brings a unique gift to coaching – her years of studying the human psyche and immersing herself into characters’ lives. That combined with her keen awareness of health and well-being make her an exceptional coach and person!”

Debra B.

“Candace has the gift of motivating others to create and recreate themselves.”

Deb R.

“Candace has been an invaluable guide through many of my life's mysteries. Through her counsel, dire circumstance has morphed to winnable contest, static turned to clarion, and nebulous doubt has been spun and re-framed into new and unexpected perspectives. I am so fortunate to be able to call on her powerful insight and deep wisdom. I would not be where I am today without access to her perceptive gifts, her depth of knowledge, and the tremendous wealth of her experience.”

Michael N.

"Creative and curious - journeying forward with Candace is more adventure than work!"


"Candace provided a safe and welcoming space for shared reflection on how I might live in ways more attuned to both my mind as well as my heart. As we met and talked she made connections and suggested resources and contacts that I found very helpful. I have continued to use these resources as guides in my ongoing personal growth. Most importantly Candace communicated confidence and support in my own capacity to better know myself and then live that awareness in my daily life."

Dave G.

“Candace has led me through multiple coaching sessions, and with each one, I always felt that I was being gently guided through question and discussion to help me find a place of self-realization that has allowed for significant personal growth. Her calm and yet direct approach was so spot-on, and her intuitive senses make her a valuable coach on any self-journey. Five-out-of-five stars and highly recommended to anyone seeking change from within with a terrific coach.”


“Candace is a person who has much to share and her coaching will bring so many to new heights of understanding and compassion!!!”

Ruth B.

“I can't thank Candace enough for an incredible experience. I'm not sure anyone can fully appreciate how she took me to places I didn't think I could reach.”


“Candace helped me gain perspective into why I've had uncontrollable anxiety throughout my life. I don't think my anxiety will ever go away, but I have learned to benefit from it, and now that I understand where it comes from, I am able to control it. My time with Candace is something I truly cherish. She led me on a path to finding myself, gaining confidence in who I am, and accepting who I'm not. Candace helped me change the way I think about myself and about the challenges I face in my life. This lesson has helped guide me to an improved life, and true happiness.”

Lauren F.

“Candace’s work, and her mission in Wellness Coaching have changed me. I am healthier as an artist, as a woman, and as a human being because of the work we have done together. I am also inspired, and closer to a true sense of self than I ever have been before. Candace is honest, brilliant, and professional. And Magnificent. I hope to continue our work together for a long, long time.”


Transitions can be hard

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