Services & Fees

OUR PORTALS provides a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment, in which I work with individuals to find creative solutions to transition and wellness challenges.

We’ll work in tandem to co-create a plan for manifesting your dreams, accomplishing your goals, and putting you on a path to a satisfying and health-full life.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one, 60-minute virtual* meetings.

$80.00 per session

*All meetings will be virtual until there is a break in COVID protocols. These sessions can be conducted on Zoom, FaceTime or by phone – whichever the client prefers.

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Because of my unique background in education, health, business and the arts, I offer a blend of experiences tailored specifically to each of my clients. Central to the process is an emphasis on the body-mind-spirit connection. I do not make medical diagnoses or write medical prescriptions. If requested by the client, I will be happy to work as part of a health care team to address the client’s issues.

Every day offers an opportunity to
find a new doorway

I invite you to join me on your path toward growth, balance, and well-being.