We'll Work Together

You are the expert on yourself. As a coach, I partner with you to identify the changes and transitions that you want to make and the best ways to align your needs, desires, and values with those changes. Together, we create a safe space in which to explore and create a map towards success that is effective and meaningful for you. My role is to listen actively, to ask compelling questions, to engage with you using proven powerful tools and techniques to guide you toward discoveries, and to provide resources for your next steps.

We’ll work in tandem to co-create a plan for manifesting your dreams, accomplishing your goals, and putting you on a path to a satisfying and health-full life.

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My Background

My background is in the theater, as well as in health and wellness, so we will often look at creative – as well as research-based – options to navigate your path.

My philosophy celebrates the idea that every client is whole and healthy, and that you are able to make the choices, changes, and transitions that will expand and enhance your life. As a coach, I meet you exactly where you are in your life right now. We will use a combination of inquiry-based options, ways of knowing, communication techniques, arts-based exercises, and other practical tools and techniques that are current with health and wellness research. In partnership with you, we will define and co-create a path leading toward a richer, fuller, and more rewarding life.

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The Process

The focus will be on your present and your future.

We will identify the changes and transitions you want to make. We will discover your particular strengths, goals and dreams. We will define what success could look like. We will then proceed to work incorporating the tools and ways of knowing that best serve you.

I work often with stories and believe that the stories we hold, remember, or create guide our lives. Identifying and holding the stories that support you gives your life depth and resonance. Reframing the stories that aren’t serving you will change your world.

We will also work with other ways of knowing and techniques as appropriate to your needs and desires – including (but not limited to) alternative healing techniques, meditation, breathing exercises, music, art, voice, writing, spiritual beliefs, nature projects, movement, creative problem solving, stress reduction techniques, self-care, reading and research, memory, talking, and a lot of active listening.

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So, basically (though it is rarely quite as neat and tidy as this – change and transitions are almost always a bit messy), our time together starts with a 30-minute discovery call to figure out if life-transition coaching with me is a good match for your goals and needs. You’ll learn a bit about me and I will learn more about you. We’ll discover what you’re looking for and what I have to offer. This discovery call is free of charge.

Next comes an initial 1-hour session to identify the primary issues and begin the plan to explore the changes. It is important here that you start to feel that you are beginning a positive, hopeful journey towards the change you want to see.

Ongoing, I typically suggest follow-up sessions (usually weekly or bi-monthly) to further explore the issues and the ways in which to manifest the plan we’ve devised together. My aim is to support you fully as you make your changes, navigate the transitions to solidify those changes, and establish your new ways of being.

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What My Clients Say

Every day offers an opportunity to
find a new doorway

I invite you to join me on your path toward growth, balance, and well-being.