Life Transitions Coaching

What is Life Transitions Coaching? Whether you’re undergoing a changing relationship with a friend, loved one, or colleague, facing a career transition, relocating to a new area, negotiating a change in your age or health status, or any of the inevitable changes and transitions in life, I am committed to working with you to navigate these challenges with curiosity, power, and joy. Throughout the process, we will work together to discover your unique gifts, talents, and strengths, empowering you to make positive choices that enhance your life. That is life transitions coaching.

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Transitions Through Coaching

Throughout our lives, changes and transitions are inevitable. Although a myriad of external factors and circumstances are beyond our control, our response to these circumstances is within our control. By working together in a client-driven process that’s centered on holistic life improvements, we will co-create a more fulfilling, authentic life for you. As we work, you will be immersed in a safe non-judgmental, confidential environment with an emphasis on mutual respect. Exploring and moving through new portals, we will discover unique and creative ways to enhance your self-awareness and to transform dreams, objectives, and intentions into a working reality.

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Setting Out on the Path

Whether you’ve graduated from college, earned your certification, or completed a training program, you may find yourself unsure of where to move next.

Times are changing. In turn, making the leap to the next chapter of your life can be daunting and uncertain. Should you enter the workforce? What about continuing on with higher education? Or maybe taking a gap year will help you find yourself?
The question isn’t whether you will take action. You will take some action. The question is what action steps will best move you toward achieving your unique dreams and ambitions? We will discover your most meaningful and authentic pathway by defining where you are right now, exploring where you want to go and co-creating a path for how best to get there.

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Making Mid-Life Transitions

Mid-life transitions come in all shapes and sizes. You might be overwhelmed with positive changes, such as marriage, homeownership, or upward career movement. On the other hand, you may be struggling with relocating, becoming an empty nester, or losing a loved one.

No matter where you find yourself, you do not need to navigate change and transition alone. Working together we will seek the clarity you need to move forward and restore a new sense of normalcy. In the process, you may find unexpected and unique opportunities that build a sense of fullness within your life.

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Aging Well

Growing older brings unexpected challenges in uncharted territory. Although you may feel years younger than your actual age – your health, relationships, and goals may be painting a different picture. Who am I now that I’m not who I used to be?

While many people view aging as saying ‘goodbye’ to old pastimes and familiar passions, others are able to use the transition to build on the past and discover new possibilities. We will work to embrace the latter by finding purpose, enjoyment and relevance within your unique identity.

By exploring your worries, addressing your concerns, and reevaluating your current position, we will find ways to discover your options, embrace your hopes and dreams and connect with your new self on a deeper level.

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Getting Unstuck

Sometimes, life takes surprising turns that slow us down. Circumstances devolve. We become numb. Creative blocks form. Self-doubt creeps in.

In many cases, the hardest battles are the ones we fight with ourselves. We can use these battles as catalysts for change rather than barriers to our own progress and well-being.

Together we will discover what is keeping you from fulfilling your true potential, progress through obstacles and adversity, and find a satisfying and joyful life balance.

We will move step-by-step to cultivate self-awareness, address your blocks, and build resilience as you find your way across your next threshold.

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Working Through Sudden Changes

Life is a myriad of twists, turns, and unpredictable changes. Accidents happen, relationships change, and medical conditions emerge. You’ve made the necessary immediate responses to these changes – and now you have to find a way to live with them. You don’t need to have all of the answers right away and you don’t need to find them alone. We will work step-by-step together to explore the options and possibilities that best suit your goals and current needs.

Sometimes, my clients simply ask the question, “What now?” While there’s no changing the past, there are endless ways to improve your current life and address your future.

Using the tools of reflection, mindfulness, and self-awareness, we will explore ways to reframe your story while following the path toward physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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What My Clients Say

Every day offers an opportunity to
find a new doorway

I invite you to join me on a path toward growth, balance, and well-being.